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All content on this Internet site is owned by Spero Inc. Owned, managed and protected by international copyright laws. The contents of the site can be downloaded only for non-commercial use, and modification or reproduction of the contents is restricted. In other words, the reproduction or use of the contents of this site for any purpose other than for non-commercial purposes is prohibited.


Although the site operator will make every effort to upgrade the site contents and ensure the accuracy of the information, it does not make any representations or guarantees as to the accuracy, currency, or completeness of all information provided. In other words, the operator is not responsible for any damage or loss that may be caused by the information provided on this site.

Responsibility for Link

Although this site may introduce or link to other sites, the operator is not responsible for the contents of the linked sites and is not responsible for any damage or loss caused thereby. Please note that the service of linking to other sites is merely for the convenience of users.

Prohibition of stealing the Spero brand

Trademarks, service marks, product names and product characteristics mentioned on this site are protected in all countries of the world, including Korea.

If you use it for any purpose other than checking the company's products or services, you must obtain prior written consent from the operator.

Duplication of information

All personal information provided to this site over the Internet is governed by the site's privacy policy. Except for personal information, the operator is free to use or reproduce all other information, such as opinions, ideas, concepts, and technical contents, disclosed on the site for any purpose. These uses include providing information to third parties and the marketing, manufacturing and development of products or services.

Accuracy and accuracy of information

Users providing information to this site or its operator are responsible for the truth and accuracy of that information. 

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