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SPERO creates new Hope in

e-Clinical Trial

A New Paradigm in the Patient-Centered Decentralized Trial

A New Clinical Trial Paradigm SPERO is changing

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We introduce a new patient-centered clinical trial environment overcoming space-time barriers. 

Our Patient Recruitment Services allow patients to choose the clinical trial that best fits patient needs..

We provide an Electronic Consent Solution (eConsent) that enables remote clinical trial participation without visiting a clinical trial site, and provide a real-time patient experience through our self-reporting app (ePRO) for clinical trial subjects.

We eliminate clinical trial inefficiencies with our Decentralized Clinical Trial solution.

Our solutions maximize the data curation required for new drug development by improving clinical trial time-cost inefficiencies such as face-to-face patient consent signing procedures and Source Data Verification (SDV) procedures.

It provides a single, connected process from data collection to submission, as well as pre-screening in the recruitment stage, improving convenience and work efficiency for clinical trial sites and patient participation.

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We support to conduct reliable clinical trials with digitized data.

We provide electronic patient consent form (ICF) management, real-time hospital eSource clinical data collection through clinical data capture solution (Direct Data Capture), and the ePRO app for clinical trial subject self-reporting, to help maintain consistent and accurate information during clinical trials.

We provide innovative clinical trial monitoring services.

SPERO's Centralized Monitoring service provides study-specific customized clinical data monitoring using data linked to electronic data capture (EDC) systems and other eClinical solutions (eConsent, Direct Data Capture, eTMF).

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SPERO’s DCT services, iSPERO 

We aim for a Total Clinical Solution services that connects everything into ONE.

  • Patient recruitment service,

  • Electronic consent solution (eConsent)

  • eSource clinical data capture (Direct Data Capture)

  • Patient reported outcome (ePRO)

  • Centralized monitoring service

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iSPERO provides solutions and services

that have been verified through local and global clinical studies.

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DCT eClinical solutions
for Patient

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DCT eclinical solutions 
for Sponsor & CRO

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DCT Clinical Operation 

SPERO DCT Service Flow
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