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Creates new hope in e-Clinical Trials
SPERO is a clinical trial company that provides its own total solution service to support Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) for the first time in Korea.
SPERO is a verb meaning "to hope" in Latin. It contains a patient-centered clinical trial paradigm with a mission to deliver new hope not only to patients but also to the healthcare industry.
Established in 2018 as a local patient recruitment service for clinical trials, Spero has expanded its business to DCT since 2021.
Contract Research Organization
Decentralized Clinical Trial

Presenting a new vision for patient-centered clinical trials

A decentralized clinical trial (DCT) is a clinical trial model that is carried out through patient-centered remote process, contrary to the existing site-centered on-site methodologies. Site-intensive clinical trials based on on-site visits are inconvenient for trial participants, and there are inefficient problems requiring a lot of time and cost for sponsors to control clinical trial quality.

The core of the DCT pursued by Spero is the optimization of digital health technology.
Our clinical development service provides digitized information from the beginning to the end of a study as well as the DCT design. All stages of product development can be operated faster, more accurate, and more consistent by focusing on the participants.

With our global clinical solution development and clinical trial development capabilities, we will faithfully fulfill our role to grow into an industry leader for the advancement of the healthcare industry. thank you.

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Better oppertunities
for All Patients

Better clinical trials with DCT

Spero leads the innovation of patient-centric clinical trials and tries to develop clinical environment in which all participants are happy with the goal of optimizing clinical trials.


Be the difference

A new digital clinical trial paradigm

Spero aims to offer a comprehensive client solution proposal focused on the clinical trials and challenges new technology development and operational design.


Patient Centricity

Patient-centered clinical service & solution

Spero presents a patient-oriented DCT ecosystem and growth vision as a global company.


# 4F, 19, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04027, Rep. of Korea

3 minute walk from Exit 8 at Hapjeong Station on Subway Line 2


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