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CRSCube starts Decentralized Clinical Trials / launches ‘cubeCONSENT 3.0’

24. 2. 15. 오후 10:00

CRScube starts Decentralized Clinical Trials, launches ‘cubeCONSENT 3.0’

- CRScube Inc. ‘cubeCONSENT 3.0’ released
- Spero Inc. decentralized clinical trial launched

[Pharmnews, Reporter Kwon-gu Lee]

CRScube Inc. (CEO Stanley Kim), e-clinical trial software solution compnay, has released its electronic consent form solution ‘cubeCONSENT 3.0’.

According to the company, 'cubeCONSENT' prevents intentional manipulation of data to ensure data integrity, which is the most important part of clinical trials. In addition, when the electronic consent form is not filled out, it is restricted from moving to the next step to comply with the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and protect the rights of clinical trial subjects.

[팜뉴스=이권구 기자] 의료 임상시험 소프트웨어 솔루션 전문기업 씨알에스큐브(대표 김기돈)가 전자동의서 솔루션 ‘cubeCONSENT 3.0’을 출시했다.

회사 측에 따르면 ‘cubeCONSENT’는 데이터의 인위적이고 의도적인 조작을 방지해 임상시험 생명인 데이터 무결성을 보장한다. 또 전자동의서 미작성 시 다음 단계로 이동할 수 없도록 제한해 임상시험관리기준(Good Clinical Practice, GCP)을 준수하고 임상시험 대상자 권리를 보호한다.

기사 전문 확인 >> 팜뉴스 (PHARM NEWS)

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