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Centralized Monitoring

Visualize clinical data collected through the centralized monitoring solution, VIA, and detect qualitative problems and issues at an early stage, such as outliers in a study data.

From protocol compliance to patient safety, VIA's technology-driven approach provides continuous monitoring and ensures that clinical trials meet the highest quality standards.

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Remote monitoring of decentralized clinical trials

In DCT, subjects are recruited and tracked using telemedicine and digital health technologies, so much of the data collection and monitoring is done remotely, making it difficult to identify potential problems at individual clinical sites. VIA bridges this gap by providing real-time, daily monitoring of clinical data and related activities from multiple sites, enabling remote review of eSource data and real-time monitoring of study procedures.

Real-time management of study data from multiple sites

Provides centralized monitoring for risk-based monitoring

Issue detedtion and resolution faster than on-site monitoring

Remote site performence evaluation and feedback

Identify data trends and patterns of potential risk factors


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Service Scope

Data monitoring

Statistical Data Review

Clinical Review

CM Report

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